3 Ways to Avoid an #EpicFail in Your Mobile Content Marketing

Mobile is booming. The latest mobile marketshare data from comScore surveying over 30,000 U.S. mobile phone subscribers, revealed that 50% of mobile phone users consume content on their mobile devices with 36% of mobile users accessing social sites. And this number will continue to grow. So, what are you doing to take advantage of this trend?

  1. Ensure your owned media channels are mobile friendly. The first thing to check is to ensure your content is in fact mobile friendly. Are your top marketing communications channels delivering content that is easy for mobile devices to access? Ensure your website (and at the very least your blog) are mobile friendly. Most 3rd party CMS platforms and social networks already have mobile friendly versions automatically displaying your content (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Tumblr and Wordpress blogs), but some other older platforms and especially websites may not be optimized for mobile. Make your sure your “owned media” channels can deliver not only text, but photos and video in a format accessible by the top mobile browsers and platforms (i.e. iOS and Android).

  2. Consistently use mobile content to drive traffic back to your main site or blog. There have been a lot of debates about this, with many suggesting to publish the full text of your RSS feed. I have a different point of view on this and have seen many of the most successful publishers and brands (Mashable, ESPN,  and Reb Bull to name a few) only publish the partial content in their feeds. Check out your Facebook news feed, you will see that most of the successful publishers and brands post the headline, a compelling photo/video and a compelling lead and then link back to the full post on their site. Check your RSS feed syndication and options and make sure your feed is set to “truncate RSS feed” (as Tumblr describes it) so readers will have to visit your site to read the full content. Then, when posting in other platforms such as those mentioned above, create short compelling snippets, one for each type of platform (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIN, etc.). Think about the types of content in each of these channels that people might be willing to view on a mobile device and what they might not (e.g., they probably won’t watch a video longer than 60 seconds, or download a really large pdf). Use the F.A.R.E. Content model and then keep your content easily readable on the small screen and of relatively small file size so load times are fast. Use a URL shortener (such as bit.ly or other) to keep URLs short and track the clicks.

  3. Enable mobile users to share your content easily. As the stats reflect, users are increasingly consuming content and visiting social networks (that often led them to sites) on their mobile devices and that means you need to ensure that your sites enable users to the share the content easily from a mobile device as well as to a mobile device. Mogreet, a mobile marketing platform just launched moShare, a service that enables users to send videos, pictures, music, and stories to other users mobile devices and in integrated with ShareThis

    To further prove the point, AddThis reported a 600% increase at the end of 2011 in mobile sharing over the year before. This number is only expected to increase. 
So, ensure you have a clear strategy for utilizing mobile to reach, engage and influence you target audiences to action.

5 July 2012 ·

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