3 Keys to Content Curation Success


One of the biggest challenges facing marketers and pr pros today is and how and where to get quality content. The “content is king” adage is repeated ad nauseum. Certainly a significant portion of content is original branded content, produced in-house, by agencies or freelancers and yet there is also quite a bit of room for content provided by others.

This is where content curation comes in. To a certain extent we are all already doing this on our own social networks, such as Facebook for example, where we commonly share and “Like” content, articles, photos, videos, produced by others and as a result, our Facebook News Feed becomes content that we have curated for our friends. We have shared these things because we feel (in most cases subconsciously) they will add value to our friends lives.

But what are the keys to success? What guidelines do we follow to help us provide value to our communities and avoid the “overshare fail”?

1) Know your audience(s). What they like, want to know, feel inspired by, etc. 

2) Establish editorial guidelines. Try the F.A.R.E. Content Marketing approach: frequent, authentic, relevant and engaging.

Frequent: But how frequent? Consider your audience (and each channel you are using to reach them). What is the appropriate frequency for your shares? It will be dictated by your audience preference, the quality of your content, the channel selected. 

Authentic: Have you read what you’re sharing? Is it authentic to your brand mission? Is the content itself authentic?

Relevant: Are you sharing what you’re audiences are truly interested in? If mainstream news, have you added your own take, or P.O.V. that makes it more relevant for your community?

Engaging: Is the content you are sharing, informative, educational, entertaining, or both? Does it encourage participation, inspire discussion, or bring a smile to someone’s face?

Ensuring your content adheres to these guidelines will help you deliver a consistent flow of curated content that will delight and engage your community. 

3) Use the tools. Develop a collection of tools that work for you and use them consistently to find, publish and distribute content. Pawan Deshpande, the CEO of Curata compiled a terrific list of tools in a recent blog post 14 Sources for Content Curation Inspiration for the Content Marketing Institute.


1 March 2013 ·

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